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AARP Awards G&G Outfitters with Supplier of the Year for 2017

May 02, 2017

AARP recently hosted their 1st Annual Supplier Diversity Recognition & Awards Program in Washington, DC. At this annual event, AARP presented G&G Outfitters, Inc. with their Supplier of the Year Award for 2017.  This highly esteemed award recognized G&G's outstanding work in holding down costs and delivering value to AARP's members.

As stated from AARP's invitation to G&G, AARP engages diverse entrepreneurs for their business needs to add value and perspective to their programs, as well as to live out their mission of championing positive social change.  Small and diverse businesses are a tremendous source of innovation and ideas.  AARP's future success is directly related to their ability to engage and partner with such suppliers.  This core value within AARP's business model solidified why G&G Outfitters was to be recognized at their Annual Supplier Diversity Recognition & Awards Program.

Richard L. Gergar, G&G's Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, proudly accepted AARP’s Supplier of the Year Award for Excellence on behalf of G&G Outfitters. This award represents G&G's success as a company in product design and quality, creative packaging solutions, efficient and cost effective fulfillment solutions and consistently delivering “PCE” - The Perfect Client Experience!

This was a huge team effort and a big win for G&G! Congratulations to all that were involved!