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Fitness is Trending

June 29, 2018

Fitness has always been a part of life, but today it plays an even larger role than ever! It has grown so much, that it has exploded into the promotional products world to be one of the most desired giveaway items. The consumer is now seeking out comfortable activewear and accessories to fit into their active lifestyles.

Why Fitness Items?
Today, 60 million Americans belong to gyms. That is a HUGE market that could be using your fitness themed items at the gym, and in-turn giving your brand more exposure outside of the office. Think of items such as water bottles, earbuds, bags or towels that could be leaving an impression on a future customer!

Fitness Trends for the Female Consumer
For the female consumer, she desires looks that transition from the gym to the street. Find items that are great for layering such as sleeveless hoodies or light jackets. Racerback tanks that showcase creative designs are also a great piece for layered styles.  Color-blocked metallic finishes on these apparel pieces tap into popular athletic luxurious looks the consumer enjoys to sport.

Fitness Trends for the Male Consumer
For the male consumer, he desires performance features that lend a competitive edge. Raglan sleeves paired with under-arm gussets allow for unrestricted reach. Tech shorts layered with compression tight are another option for style but with performance in mind. The psychology of color and its ability to enhance athletic performance is a hot topic in sports, elevating color in apparel to new heights. Pair flashes of high-vis with neutral greys and blacks.

Social Media in the Industry
A global movement has taken hold as people everywhere share their strength and fitness at every age. Social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are full of encouraging messages and images that redefine what strong looks like in a new era where wellness matters more than ever. Imagine your brand being showcased on a social media post that goes viral and viewed by millions of people! That is a huge opportunity for future clients to see your brand and want to reach out to learn more about your capabilities.

Get your brand out there on products that will be used in the fitness industry by contacting G&G Outfitters today!

*Information gathered from SanMarU