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Project Scope:

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a nonprofit organization serving the interests of more than 37 million Americans over the age of 50. AARP engaged G&G Outfitters to help them create a gift incentive that would drive new memberships and spur renewals of existing memberships.


The Baby Boomer generation is entering its 50s, and AARP wanted to devise a membership incentive that would really connect with them and entice them to join. However, the gift would still need to have a broad appeal to resonate with older AARP members considering renewal.

G&G's Solution:

G&G’s first insight was that Baby Boomers might not want advertise that they just turned 50, so the gift would benefit from a less conspicuous logo location. It would also need to be a gift that would appeal to people of varying activity level.

After analyzing demographic marketing data and retail trends, G&G and AARP uncovered the perfect solution: AARP-branded, insulated travel bags. AARP took advantage of G&G’s fulfillment services, which enhanced and streamlined AARP’s fulfillment process and gave them the reporting capabilities they were previously lacking. Utilizing its international sourcing power, G&G was able to present a gift that was specifically developed, sourced and produced to help AARP achieve its activation, retention, and renewal goals.