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Project Scope:

Mike's Hard Lemonade Co. is a manufacturer of a popular family of malt-based beverages. With the summer season approaching, Mike’s Hard Lemonade wanted to secure prime retail floor space within off-premise sales channels. They approached G&G Outfitters to develop incentives for general managers and owners to grant them space in their retail venues.


The greatest challenge was to create and produce creative branded merchandise that would entice the retail store managers and be ready prior to Memorial Day Weekend.

G&G's Solution:

G&G’s creative studio developed a variety of branded merchandise utilizing Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s recognizable lemon-shaped logo. Leveraging its robust international supply chain, G&G was able to produce and deliver the products with plenty of time for a summer rollout. Some of the promotional products included lemon-shaped grills along with tiki torches, fire pits, and tailgate tables. These products were used as floor displays and given to the managers as gifts after the promotions ended.