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Project Scope:

Hyundai is a multinational automaker with annual auto sales in excess of 3.6 million vehicles worldwide. Hyundai chose G&G Outfitters to develop, produce, and deliver 325 complete dealer promotional kits featuring licensed product across 25 different colleges and universities.


In addition to budget limitations, there was the time constraint of delivery prior to the kickoff of the college football season. In terms of logistical challenges, G&G had to manage the branding requirements of 25 different colleges and universities, production by various factories, and finally, kitting and distribution to 325 individual Hyundai dealerships across the United States.

G&G's Solution:

G&G leveraged its network of preferred vendor partners to source all ten kit components, both domestically and overseas, in order to meet Hyundai’s set budget and delivery timelines. Our product development team worked collaboratively with Hyundai to create market-appropriate
collegiate-branded merchandise that would excite, entice, and connect with both the Hyundai customer and the avid college football fan. Some of the items included were in-store signage, dealer decorations, and customer giveaways.

G&G’s fulfillment division, SureShip, packaged and assembled the products to the project’s needed specifications. Each kit was packaged and shipped according to each local Hyundai dealer’s university affiliation. G&G delivered the Hyundai College Football Dealer Kits on time, prior to the beginning of the official college football season kickoff.