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Project Scope:

Tide is an iconic brand of popular laundry detergent, manufactured by Procter & Gamble since 1949. Tide wanted to open the 2012 NFL season with an opening day t-shirt giveaway. Tide needed 77,000 Green Bay Packers t-shirts, to be placed on each ticket holder’s seat, alternating in green and gold t-shirt colors.


The shirts were required to exactly match the Green Bay Packers’ primary color of dark green and its secondary color of gold. Through exhaustive research, it was confirmed that there were not enough shirt blanks of one style available in the marketplace to exactly match the Packers’ team colors. To complicate matters further, the timing of the event was too close to have the factory make the shirts from start to finish.

G&G's Solution:

In order to meet Tide’s deadline and color matching requirements, G&G Outfitters recommended a garment-dyed shirt option. With this approach, a cut-and-sewn white t-shirt would be dyed to match the Packers’ green and gold colors. This not only solved the supply issue, but also gave the shirt a much more fashionable look and worked perfectly with Tide’s “Show Us Your Colors” NFL Ad Campaign.

G&G Outfitters successfully dyed and screen printed 77,000 gold and green T-shirts and delivered them to Lambeau Field with plenty of lead-time to place the shirts. The shirts were well received and were featured both on game day and in a Tide/Packers press conference promoting the game.