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Washington Wizards

Project Scope:

The Washington Wizards are the professional basketball franchise representing the Washington, DC metro area in the NBA. The Wizards asked G&G Outfitters to produce licensed giveaways that would drive attendance and ticket sales - and also rekindle fan enthusiasm after the 2011 NBA lockout.


With the resolution of an NBA labor dispute, the opening of 2011-2012 season was abruptly announced, providing a short window to select and deliver appropriate premium game day Wizards’ merchandise for the entire season calendar. Despite the tight timelines, G&G Outfitters had to maintain its strict budgetary guidelines established by the franchise for each giveaway item.

G&G's Solution:

Our creative team worked tirelessly to design products that would energize the Washington DC fan base and promote the Wizard’s marketing message and local partner sponsorships. Our procurement team selected a variety of quality products to be produced and delivered within a short period of time including tee shirts, knit beanie caps, and drawstring bags. The products were decorated at G&G’s own domestic best-in-class decoration and embellishment facility. Also, through G&G International’s network of overseas factories, John Wall “bobblehead” figures were manufactured and delivered in time for the Christmas Holiday Basketball Game Event.

Most products were developed and procured based on G&G’s ability to print, package, and deliver in short timelines. Over the course of the season, many of these items were reordered with short notice for quick fulfillment events requested by the Wizards. With a combination of creativity, production expertise, and supply-chain finesse, G&G was able to meet the Wizard’s budget requirements by sourcing cost-effective blank products and designed them to reinvigorate its fan base for the tardy NBA season.