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Project Scope:

MillerCoors, a joint venture of SABMiller and Molson Coors Brewing Company, sells approximately 70 million barrels of beer annually. Its Coors Light brand enlisted the help of G&G Outfitters to create a unique display enhancer piece that would extend the relationship between Coors Light and Football.


Coors Light wanted a bold statement that would continue its strong association with good times and fun-loving football fans.

G&G's Solution:

Through its G&G’s creative studio, G&G Outfitters designed and created the “Ottoman Cooler,” a functional cooler that doubled as a footrest. MillerCoors ordered the piece nationally as a display enhancer piece for grocery stores, liquor stores, and convenience stores during football season. The piece captured the ultimate accessory for connoisseurs of both football and beer, and it created great buzz for Coors Light Football.