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Burger King

Project Scope:

Burger King (BK) is a global chain of fast food restaurants with 12,400 outlets in 73 countries. Leading up to the 2012 Summer Olympics, BK wanted to leverage its sponsorship of USA Basketball (USAB) to promote BK’s new menu items, especially its new thicker cut fries.


Burger King needed a merchandise partner like G&G that could conceive and execute a popular giveaway within rigid time constraints and budget limitations. The project would require well synchronized coordination with Burger King’s numerous marketing agencies and on-site distribution teams who were also working on the new menu launch.

G&G's Solution:

G&G Outfitters developed, produced, and delivered an idea for BK promotional noisemakers (thunder sticks), which resemble Burger King’s thicker-cut fries. Recipients were able to bring their thunder sticks to a local BK restaurant and redeem a free order of fries. In addition, G&G developed and produced an oversized fry container to hold the thunder sticks. This unique container was an eye-catching marketing display piece at events and at BK stores nationally.

Burger King leveraged G&G Outfitters’ network of preferred vendor partners to source and brand thunder sticks for on-time delivery. G&G successfully delivered the noisemakers at Burger King’s launch events in Washington D.C. and Las Vegas, on time and within budget. The thunder stick concept was perfect for use during USAB-sponsored sports events and made a lasting impression on fans and BK customers. The branded thunder sticks have been reordered frequently, and they remain a very popular giveaway at other BK events.