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Project Scope:

Macy’s, Inc. is one of the nation’s premier retailers, with annual sales of $26 billion. After a major remodeling to its New York City location, Macy's reopened with the largest shoe department in the world. Macy’s brought in G&G to design and produce promotional giveaways to increase awareness and excitement for the reopening.


The challenge was to develop an innovative gift with high perceived value that would successfully promote awareness of the brand and increase Macy's Reward Credit Card usage and activations.

G&G's Solution:

With the help of our creative and product development team, G&G designed and produced 10,000 shoe bags, designed to fit two pairs of shoes. The black tote features a decorative patent square with an embossed Macy’s logo on the outside of the bag. When you unzip the tote, a lining is revealed in bright Macy’s red with a white, pattern-stamped Macy’s logo. The bag delivered the high perceived value Macy’s was looking for. The event was successful and Macy's decided to purchase 10,000 additional totes with the same design for their spring store openings throughout the country.