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Learn About G&G

G&G Outfitters began as a fundraising idea by founders Doug Gardner and Rich Gergar, when they were sophomores at the University of Maryland. With the help of an artist and printer, Doug and Rich created lacrosse tee shirts and sold them door-to-door on the university campus. Soon the tee shirts were selling faster than they could make them, and this little enterprise became the catalyst of something much bigger.

Today, G&G is a premier branded merchandise agency with more than 300 employees and a supply-chain network spanning across the world. Throughout the evolution of G&G, the entrepreneurial spirit of Doug Gardner and Rich Gergar never changed. G&G will always be a place where employees are empowered to strive for personal achievement, teamwork is celebrated, and hard-workers are groomed for leadership roles.

Joe O'Leary | Senior Account Executive
"The Team" approach is what I appreciate most about working at G&G. We are all role players when we walk into this building and EVERYONE has a vital role to play in helping the team succeed.
Joe O'Leary