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Empowered People

The G&G Outfitters story began when founders Doug Gardner and Rich Gergar started making and selling lacrosse tee shirts while studying at the University of Maryland. Through hard work and creativity, Rich and Doug launched G&G Outfitters in 1990, which became the premier full-service branded merchandise agency it is today. They have always strived to instill the same spirit of entrepreneurship in their employees, and created a culture at G&G that empowers people to make the most of their talent by encouraging innovative and rewarding for hard work and dedication.

The early days at G&G exemplified the values that are the foundation of the company’s success. To help get their business started, Doug and Rich received their first loan from Doug’s parents, and they kept a hand-documented ledger to keep track of the loan. That old ledger shows that Rich and Doug paid back the debt within 6 months, including interest — a testament to their sound financial stewardship, even at the age of 22. When Rich and Doug were moving into the location of G&G’s first facility, they found an old horseshoe in a coal furnace, and they decided to mount it prominently at every location they moved to. The horseshoe is more than just a symbol of luck. It reminds them where they came from and never to forget their roots and their humble beginning. As long as that horseshoe hangs, G&G will always be a place where opportunity and success will come to people who work hard and offer innovative ideas.

Because of their beliefs, we attract the right people with the “can do” attitude who go above and beyond to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. G&G’s team is motivated, goal-oriented and speed driven to meet the fast pace demands of the branded merchandise industry.