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Global Reach

As an expert in global sourcing, the G&G procurement team has formed strategic international partnerships with manufacturers. Our multi-lingual logistics team manages every aspect of an 8,000-mile supply chain, from the inception of your idea to the arrival at your loading dock. As a result, we are able to provide our customers the cost benefits of certified international suppliers without any surprises.

G&G Outfitters has a global footprint that spans the entire North American continent and throughout the world. When you work with G&G, you get an integrated merchandise strategy that is managed by a single supplier and incorporates a best-in-class global branded merchandise program.

Clients choose G&G to leverage our global reach for lower price points and acquisition costs. Our innovative approach in product design enables us to re-engineer a product using alternative materials without sacrificing quality or product design elements, if needed. Additionally, our partners’ operations abroad are inspected and held to the highest international standards, so you can be confident that the products we source are safe and certified.

G&G’s global reach empowers your business by:

  • sourcing from more than 120 factories worldwide
  • procuring 24 hours a day between our U.S. and Hong Kong offices
  • encouraging competitive pricing
  • ensuring factory certification, social compliance and code of conduct
  • ensuring product safety, testing & C-TPAT compliance


Our international team has a hard-earned reputation for meeting the needs of the overseas client by delivering high-quality products with on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and fair labor practices. Amid dynamic international challenges, the GGI team delivers due diligence and specialized expertise, including the customs services and international vendor relationships needed to take exciting and innovative product ideas and make them happen -- anywhere on the globe. Our industry-leading logistics capabilities ensure timely and safe passage to your door, every time.

Ensuring Supply Chain Quality

Prior to any production, partner factories are required to sign and follow our Vendor Compliance Manual, which details our production and labor standards. To ensure fair labor standards, each overseas factory partner has been toured, inspected, and certified by AI (Asia Inspection), an ISO-certified third-party agency. We work exclusively with suppliers that are registered members of
C-TPAT, a U.S. Customs and Homeland Security initiative that ensures security across the global supply chain.

World-class logistics

G&G’s industry-leading logistics team oversees your project from the moment the order is placed until its arrival at your loading dock via our web-based tracking systems. Teams in Hong Kong and the United States work together proactively to ensure the efficient delivery of every shipment. Detailed, customized reports are automatically provided to you to keep you updated on the status of your shipments.

Our staff manages all customs clearance documentation, assesses port availability, and fulfills new Homeland Security requirements. G&G’s unsurpassed end-to-end logistics support guarantees that your high-quality promotional products will be delivered to you on time, every time.

To learn more about how to unleash your brand with G&G’s global reach, click here.